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Arborite Solid Surface

Arborite® Solid Surface provides incredible opportunities to express true freedom in designing your kitchen benchtop or bathroom vanity. This unique product offers more benefits, options and flexibility than any other surface material. Unique colour, sheet size and a broad range of integrated sinks being just some of its key features.


Arborite® Solid Surface is easy to repair. The seamless finish allows for onsite repair with minimal fuss, reducing project downtime.

Inconspicuous waterproof seams makes it is easier to clean and keep free of mould and mildew.

Arborite® stocks an extensive range of modern sinks and bowls that can be easily integrated with your solid surface design. 

Arborite® Solid Surface is available in 6mm & 12mm thickness and in a variety of sheet sizes. 

Easily and readily available in a broad range of designs and colours to suit your project. 

Download the Arborite Solid Surface Brochure.