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NEW Arborite Supermatt Panels

Introducing the new innovative texture from Arborite. Developed based on the latest trends in Australian decorative surfaces, Supermatt is a low sheen, matt finish with a super smooth feel. This is a texture will enhance both solid colours & timber grains and bring another dimension to your design.

On-Trend Finish

Using the latest finish technology from Europe, Arborite has developed the Supermatt finish for Decorative Panels. The low reflective value of Supermatt enhances the realism of wood grains and allows solid colours appear more consistent throughout the design as they are less affected by variances in light exposure than other finishes.  

An Alternative to Timber Veneers

The Arborite Supermatt Finish allows you to achieve the authentic wood look with the following performance and design benefits over veneers:

  • Greater wear resistance
  • Better impact resistance
  • Easier to manufacture for joinery
  • Consistent colour (no staining required)
  • Environmentally sustainable 
  • More budget friendly