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Arborite Doors

Arborite doors are made from the highest quality in vinyl technology. Available in various styles from traditional to modern designs. Arborite doors are supplied in a wide range of colours and textures to match. You can easily coordinate your door
selection with Arborite’s panels and laminates.

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Door Styles

Arborite offers a wide variety of door styles. You will find the perfect door for your design in the Classic, Contemporary and Heritage Door Style Collections . 

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Door Decors

The Arborite Door collection provides a wide variety of decor options ranging from our popular palettes of solid colors, and unique, versatile patterns, as well as woodgrains that feature everything from classic to exotic and rare woods.

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Door Textures

Celebrate your surface with Arborite Textures. Encompassing everything from an organic wood grain to a luxurious stone to a modern lacquer, these finishes complement Arborite’s rich designs with luscious sheens, delicate beading, or subtle embossments.

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